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Waste is Gold

Waste Is Gold was founded with a vision to provide reliable, long-lasting, 360-degree solutions for disposal and treatment of all types of waste and reduction of landfills.
From our early experiments in 2013, to our first prototype in 2015 that could process organic waste into compost in 14 days, our team of innovators and inventors never stopped working towards to idea of better and greener and in 2016 we perfected the Gold Composter which is the “World’s fastest Organic Waste composter”.
We continue to innovate and develop products and technologies, which we believe will make a lasting difference and revolutionize the way we look at and process Waste.
We are creating a circular system, where all food waste is converted into nutrient-rich Organic fertilizer which can be used in Organic farming and result in better quality organic foods, and better quality of life.
With a team of advisers and investors that have decades of experience behind them, Waste Is Gold is fast becoming the one-stop solution for all waste related solutions.

Our Team

This vision has drawn together a dynamic team from diverse backgrounds, united in their desire to making a lasting impact in the Waste Management landscape.

Lets leave a greener and cleaner world for the future

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