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For Bulk Waste Generators

With over 5 years of Research and development, we have developed an Organic Waste Composter which can convert any quantity of organic waste into Nutrient-Rich compost in just 8 hours, in a completely natural process, without burning, with no harmful emissions and a very low carbon footprint.

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Municipal corporations

At present most of the Municipal solid waste generated is dumped in landfill sites, causing not only contamination of soil, air and groundwater, but creating a breeding ground for vermin and pathogens; and acting as a catalyst for diseases and epidemics.

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When it comes to Waste Management, there is no one size fits all and so Waste is Gold has developed specialised products for various needs.

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To enable smooth Running of all Waste Management Plants, we offer a wide range of supporting products. Such as Conveyors and Segregation Belts, Shredders, Hydraulic bins, Crates, Collection bins and Sorting Tables.

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For home

Know that you are truly living Zero Waste with our easy-to-use Home Composter. This revolutionary Home-Composter Promises to be the next household name with fast and easy compost generated every day from your own food waste. Coming to you in Early 2021.

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Biomethanation Plant

Biomethanation Plant - Bio-Methanation Plant utilises organic waste and produces biogas to be used as fuel in gas based engines as well as manure. Biomethanation provides an excellent urban waste management solution as it results in several end products that can be used for a wide range of applications.

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