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When it comes to Waste Management, there is no one size fits all and so Waste is Gold has developed specialised products for various needs.

► Poultry Waste

Our Specialised Organic Waste Composter for the Poultry industry can convert all chicken waste (bones, feathers, etc) into a rich Organic fertiliser in just 12-15 hours. At the end of the process there is no foul smell or Pollutants and finished compost can be used for organic farming.

● Sizes ranging from 500-2000kgs

► FMCG Waste

To meet the varied needs of the Food Manufacturing Industry, Waste is Gold develops customised Solutions for Fruit Pulp.

► Agriculture

Waste is Gold is committed to Supporting Organic Farming and Organic Produce for better health and wellbeing. With our unique Agricultural Composting Solutions we enable all the waste generated in the production of our food, to be converted into nutrient-rich Fertiliser which is added back to enrich the soil. We have developed specialised solutions for Bagasse, Gowshala Waste, as well as for all Vegetable, fruit and crop residue.

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